10 Reasons to attend the 2018 East of England Farming Conference

10 Reasons to attend the 2018 East of England Farming Conference

11th September 2018

East of England Farming Conference 2018, are you Fit for the Future?

To find out the answer make sure you have booked your ticket to the hottest agricultural conference taking place this year.

Organised by the East of England Agricultural Society and held at the East of England Showground the conference is designed to share solid information with delegates from all aspects of the industry providing them with ideas and inspiration that they can take away and adopt in their own businesses and careers.

The day will comprise of three sessions, each with four speakers. Each session has its own theme, style and carefully selected speakers to share their story and inspire the entire audience. There will be breaks throughout the day including lunch as well as time before and after the conference, creating opportunities for discussion and networking.

So why attend? Here are our top 10 reasons why you should book your ticket now;

  1. Inspiration, with guest speakers from Government MPs, Company Directors, CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Farmers and agri Businesses, there is some thought provoking debate to cover all.
  2. Business, the conference will host a great selection of agricultural related trade stands covering all aspects of the industry giving you the chance to see the latest innovations and technologies.
  3. Connect, with pre and post event print and online coverage from our in-house marketing team plus the new media partnership with Anglia Farmer and Midland Farmer our social media channels will be live and accessible for people to get involved and connect.
  4. Knowledge, no matter how experienced you are at your business everyone can learn and yes you can teach an old dog a new trick!
  5. Network, industry conferences provide a great opportunity to network with your peers and potential new business.
  6. New beginnings learn dynamic new things outside your own field, things which you may have never considered before.
  7. Growing your brand, everyone has their own brand be it personal, organisation or both attending our conference will give you many openings to be able to get involved
  8. Social, with such an isolated industry it’s healthy to get out with your fellow farmers, friends and colleagues, make a day of it.
  9. Dedicated, the professional team at the East of England Agricultural Society will ensure your visit and experience at the showground is enjoyable and a day to remember.
  10. Why not? It’s a quiet time of the year and it’s cheaper than a day shooting!

To find out more about the conference and to attend the event as a delegate, please book your tickets online via our website www.eastofengland.org.uk.

If you would like to have a trade stand or to find out more about our sponsorship opportunities please contact Ruth on RTrolove@eastofengland.org.uk or call 01733 234451.

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