Bad weather and political indecisiveness were today cited for the cancellation of the East of England Farming Conference that was due to be held on the 14th November at the East of England Showground.

Political inconclusiveness has been prevalent throughout the process of organising this year’s conference. Those working within agricultural politics and the auxiliary industries have their hands full keeping up with the changing directions of Brexit and now have the challenge of a general election to compete with.

Farmers are looking for answers about the future, the extension of Brexit negotiations means that speakers invited to talk about politics and policy would be skirting around the topics, unable to provide some of the answers that an exit on the 31st of October would have provided. 

The East of England Farming Conference prides itself on providing farmers, food producers and industry specialists the knowledge to return to their business better equipped to make practical and informed decisions. Unfortunately, with the recent run of bad weather having an effect across the country, delegates have been reluctant to commit with many key tasks on the farm still outstanding. 

Conference Chairman Tom Martin says “Our organising committee have been looking forward to introducing delegates to the first-rate speakers at the 2019 Conference so the decision to cancel the event has not been made lightly. 

Several of our committee have first-hand experience of the impact that the poor weather has had over the last few months. We want to organise a conference for those in the thick of the action, and this year the action will most likely still be out in the fields on the 14th November.”

The East of England Farming Conference will return on the 5th November 2020 at the East of England Showground. Delegates who have purchased tickets for 2019 conference will be offered the chance to carry their booking over to next year.  

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