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Politics, challenges and innovation in an uncertain world – its all on the agenda at the East of England Farming Conference

Politics, challenges and innovation in an uncertain world – its all on the agenda at the East of England Farming Conference

Session Chairman Emily Norton, with her overview…  

Is predicting the content of a political debate just 2 weeks after Brexit date a fools game? Impossible to say – I gave a talk on 29 March this year where I fully expected us to be discussing the imminent political melt-down, but none occurred. In any event, whether it’s in or out, the feeling is that we will be facing a late Autumn general election, either to break the deadlock or to refresh the political landscape. As a result, I’m particularly interested to hear what Shadow Defra Secretary Sue Hayman has to say at the East of England Farming Conference political debate. Labour have an uphill battle to engage with rural audiences – out of the 50 most rural constituencies in the UK, none are held by Labour. A Fair Food Act, announced at the recent Labour party conference, arguably stirs up the ‘food as a public good’ debate, and the pledge to achieve net zero by 2030 is typical of the radical and progressive policies being pushed out under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. If we’re facing a second referendum as well as a general election, it will be most interesting to hear whether Ms Hayman is proposing that the CAP or an Agriculture Bill offers the industry better prospects. And would she retain or change the planned Environment Bill, which could have a dramatic impact on land managers across the country.

Alongside Sue Hayman is Paul Temple, of the AHDB Cereals and Oilseeds board. Paul is a well-known and capable advocate of pragmatic modern agriculture and will ensure the voice of farmers is well represented in the panel debate. Don’t forget that the audience and social media viewers also will be on hand with questions and opinions too.

One thing for sure is that the challenges facing farming do not get any smaller. Our final two speakers offer a fascinating balance on the big picture drivers. Matt Shardlow of environmental campaign group BugLife is a prominent critic of intensive agriculture, and Matthew Smith of global feed business AllTech is Vice-President of the fastest-increasing protein consumption territory globally in Asia-Pacific. Reconciling the role that intensive agriculture has in meeting the food, fibre and fuel needs of billions of people, with the environmental impact of doing so, particularly in the context of the climate debate, is critical.

If we have the ability to do things differently either outside the CAP, or even within the content of a CAP national strategic plan, finding a way to bring our shared goals together in a policy framework is more important than ever. Challenging our political influencers in the context of an election and possible referendum that will pit food, trade and environment at the very front of the debate is critical. We may not have more clarity by 14 November, but I hope we can debate the issues with a view to finding consensus and a path to rebuilding our fractured industry.

Inform, Engage, Apply – Making it Happen at EoEFC19

Inform, Engage, Apply – Making it Happen at EoEFC19

23rd August 2019

The East of England Farming Conference is excited to announce key information for their 5th annual farming conference taking place at the East of England Showground on the 14th November.

Organised by the East of England Agricultural Society and titled “Make it Happen” the conference for practical people, aims to promote engaging discussions and inspiring ideas that can be applied to the business at home.
Opening speaker for the conference is well respected farming advocate, journalist and Editor of the Farmers Guardian, Ben Briggs.

Session 1 titled “Decision Makers” and chaired by Emily Norton, welcomes Matt Shardlow, Chief Executive of Buglife, Paul Temple, Chair of the AHDB’s Cereals and Oilseeds Board, who will be joined by Matthew Smith, Vice President of Alltech and Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Sue Hayman.

Session 2 titled “Ground Breakers” and chaired by Tom Bradshaw, introduces a wealth of innovative experts from across the industry: Ashley Gilman, Cranswick PLC’s Agriculture Manager; Jon Clarke, Head of Business Development at the John Innes Centre; Stuart Hill, Head of Innovation & Technology for Hutchinsons and finally Stuart Blyth; Head of Business development for Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL)

For Session 3 titled “Innovators” and chaired by conference Chairman Tom Martin, we welcome an inspirational line up of businessmen & women: Sheena Horner, proprietor of Galloway Chillies; James Corbett, managing director at Ridgeway Foods; Sam Arthur, senior ecologist for FPCR; Jamie Racjan, Fungi Delecti

“We are really looking forward to this year’s conference, we have a fantastic line up of influential speakers from across the industry who we believe will be able to inspire and motivate delegates, helping them to prepare for the opportunities ahead” said East of England Farming Conference Chairman Tom Martin.

To book your tickets for the 2019 conference, visit www.eoefarmingconference.co.uk/tickets